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Being At Odds with Your Spouse

Read in Urdu   Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, Much of what you teach about conversation skills seems to work provided both husband and the ...

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Energy and Enthusiasm

Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, The nature of my work involves public speaking. Training clients has been my bread and butter for the ...

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Weight Loss Plateau Demotivated me; What Should I do?

Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, Old and is fifty pounds overweight. I have currently completed my graduation and has not been in the job ...

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Unpleasant Father-Parent and Teenager Relationship

Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, Since childhood, my husband was trained to be responsible for more than typical, age-appropriate tasks—house cleaning and food shopping ...

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How to Deal with Exam Stress?

Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, Great toil and constant motivation… the problem that I am facing during exams is pressure and stress, ...

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My Husband likes to make Friends with other Girls.

Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, I m in 5th year of my marriage with 2 daughters. The problem that I am facing is ...

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