Then, with a grin that indicated that he had just devised the most nefarious punishment ever, bigger Butt announced: “Tell your brother—out loud—that you love me!” You have been saying things about me, telling others that you hate me like a shit. Now swallow my shit!

I was confused. This was all he wanted? To tell my brother that I loved him?

“Go ahead,” he shouted. “Say it!”

“I love you!” I shouted, looking at my brother.

The Butt boys then hooted and howled. From their point of view, I had just made a mockery of myself. Right there in front of them, I, a boy, had been tender and sensitive. Worse still, I had dared to say, “I love you”— to him in front of my brother! Ugh! As far as the Butt brothers were concerned, I had completely disgraced myself, in their eyes.

Finally, after nearly laughing himself sick, the bigger Butt sahib threw me to the ground and threatened to “hit” my brother and me if either of us said a word to our parents.

Editor’s Note
Arman AhmedDifficult days will certainly hit your pool of life. These days are most challenging. So, dig your well before you are thirsty but what if you did not? Do not worry, this is where we join you as experts. Dr Sadaqat Ali answers…

Editor: Arman Ahmed

After checking to see if the thugs had really gone, Lako cautiously climbed out of the bush, took my hand, and walked me back home.

“Don’t tell mom what just happened,” Lako warned. “If you do, the Butt brothers will beat us for sure.”

No matter what we were supposed to have learned that morning, the incident remained locked deep inside my brain until that day when my grandson, Taseen, tossed a rock into a stream and told me he loved me.

It was long ago that the original event took place, but now I am glad since I am mature enough to know what I learned that day. The lesson couldn’t be clearer. When threatened by the “enemy” you hate or love the most, when you are going toe-to-toe with such a dear adversary, remember the secret password.

I love you.

Go tell your spouse, “I love you”. It is the password.

Best of Luck,

Dr Sadaqat Ali.


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