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Asking for a Pay Raise to Your Boss!!!

Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, How can I convince my boss to give me the promotion and pay ...
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How to deal with adolescent mood fluctuations and behavioral disorders?

Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, I was in one of the finest schools in Islamabad. By the ...
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Crucial steps in changing the patterns that affects you on emotional level

Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, I am a female, i need your expert opinion for my extreme ...
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How to engage your mother in-law in dialogue to have the best results?

Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, I wanted to settle abroad but my mom forced me to marry. ...
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How to Break the Shell of Silence ?

Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, I have a twenty-one years old son. He has drifted in and ...
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I Keep Losing and Gaining weight; What should I do?

Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, Year 2012 ended on a hopeless note. It’s not because of any financial ...
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