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When a parent needs assistance and does not accept?

Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, Many of us in our lives have avoided breakthrough negotiations, not just ...
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A Spend Thrift Couple What can you do?

Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, My husband and I are in financial distress. We have a budget, ...
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How to deal with “Gossip Box”?

Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, I am a branch manager at a large firm and has been ...
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My husband does not talk, what do I do?

  Dear Dr Sadaqat Ali,   I try to talk things out with my husband to reach some ...
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How to handle average performers?

Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, I head a boutique. I am struggling with two low performers and ...
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How to deal unproductive criticism?

Dear Dr. Sadaqat Ali, I have been in two situations which disturbed me a lot and ...
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